Strengthen Yourself.

Strengthen Your City.

Bringing the fitness community Together for:

Holding You Accountable to 30 days of community-wide workouts

90+ live streamed fitness classes To Move Together

ALl led by some of Vancouver's top fitness trainers

This is not about one gym.

This is about one community.

The MVMT Challenge

A 30-day online workout challenge led by some of Vancouver’s top fitness coaches & trainers – regardless of where or who they work for.

This is a MVMT to support your health & well-being and the Vancouver fitness community.

The Program

Designed to make you sweat.


30 Days of At-Home Fitness Programming To Get You Moving Every Day

The workouts progressively build week to week, taking you from wherever you’ re at to fit, strong, and resilient in 30 days. All workouts are designed to do at home with items you have around your house.


Daily Live Stream Workouts Taught By Vancouver's Top Fitness Trainers

With a minimum of 3 live stream workouts per day, you won’t be training on your own. Submerse yourself in the energy of 30+ trainers putting on 60 minute sessions – morning, noon, and night.


Join A City-Wide Fitness Community That Will All Be Sweating Beside You

Connect with a crew of amazing people who are looking for ways to stay healthy, fit, and strong while we are all stuck at home. We’re all in this together.

We're Stronger Together.

Meet your team

Vancouver's top trainers coming together.

Amanda Herdman
Amanda Clyde
Bret Hodge
Session Athletics
Celina Vergel de Dios
The Vancouver Club
Christopher Wong
culturally defined
Clem Duranseaud
Clem Fitness
Connor Mahannah
Club Row Fitness
Daniel Maguire
Daniel Maguire Fit
David Turnbull
TurnFit Personal Trainers
Dylan de Paul
Kodama Collective
Eric Fernandes
MVMVT Academy
Georgia Semple
MVMT Academy
Janik Susanthan
MVMT Academy
Justis Cooper
Global Adventurer
Kevin Wilson
The Vancouver Club
Keighty Gallagher
Tight Club
Kevin Maynard
Kevin Maynard Fit
Liam Fisher
MVMT Academy
Luckie Sigouin
Fit Vegan Training
Marco Walker-Ng
Mark Milburn
Meghan Burrows
Vancouver Club / Level 10
Phillip Upton
Phillip Upton Fitness
Samantha Hodhod
Club Row
Sarah Cortese
Cortese Fitness
Travis Dunn
Kondi Fitness
Zac Klassen
Project Transform X

All of them are in.
Are you?

This is not another "at-home workout program"

The MVMT Challenge is NOT just another at-home workout challenge. It’s designed to push you – no matter what level you’re at.

connecting all of us at a time when we are apart

This is so much more than an “at-home workout program”. This is about bringing a city of fitness lovers together and connecting over something we love at a time when we are physically kept apart.

Prioritizing your health & wellbeing

More than ever we are seeing the value of our health. Each day, we’ll be prioritizing  taking care of our health and well-being, while surrounded by a community of others doing the same.

have a lot of fun, meet some new people, & make the most of this

Surround yourself with an amazing crew of fitness trainers and fitness lovers from all over the city. The kind of people that keep your soul clean and your squats dirty. COVID can keep us distanced, but it can’t keep us apart.

be challenged to grow physically and mentally

The 30 days of workouts are designed to be a fun and challenging program that will progress you mentally and physically. It will take your mind off everything going on around you, even if just for an hour.

support the Vancouver fitness community that loves you

They’ve cared for us, they’ve pushed us, and they’ve kept us healthy and fit. Help give back and support the local fitness community at a time when the entire fitness industry has been shut down.

"If you do this for 30 days, you'll be able to handle whatever life throws at you."


- Liam Fisher
Head Trainer

Starts April 13

The City Is In...

Are You?

30 Days of Workouts
30+ Trainers
90+ Livestreams
1 Huge Community

All for just $30.


Each day, we’ll be going live at least three times to complete that day’s workout.

The livestreams are led by different coaches and fitness pros from the Vancouver fitness community.

There are a minimum of 3 live streams per day, and they will run at 7AM, 12PM, and 5PM.

All times are PST.

Yes, you will have unlimited access to all live streams once they are recorded. You will continue to have access after the 30 day program has concluded.

No. Due to the number of people on a single live stream, we cannot make them interactive.

Nope. The instructors will be on camera and chatting to you, but you will not be on camera.

Yep. That’s the point. Every workout is designed to do at home with nothing more than what you have in your house.

We specifically designed this program around Vancouver’s ridiculously small apartment sizes. All the workouts are designed to be done in no more than a 5×5 space. 

Nope. We don’t believe you need workout equipment to get a sweat in. We’ve made sure that you can do every workout with things you can find around your house. Go dust off that frying pan.

We designed the workouts to be scaled to your level of fitness. If you’re new, you should have no problem following along with each of the movements.

If you’re a pro, you can turn up the intensity and you’ll feel the heat.

No matter where you’re at, if you do these workouts for 30 days, you’ll be stronger, fitter, and more resilient than ever.

Yes, our platform does rely on you being connected to the internet.

We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not happy with the program, we’ll happily refund your money.

Check out our trainer site here and put your name down. We will be in touch.

Yep. This is a single charge. No need to cancel your credit card after.

The whole challenge is done through a web browser, so you can use any device. No need to download apps or try and figure out how to make it work. Simply log into your account once you are signed up and the Live Streams will be available as we do them!

Contact us.